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Why is my customer's total in red (negative)
Why is my customer's total in red (negative)
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It happens that the total amount owed by a customer appears in negative (red). If we interpret this naively , Skwarel informs us that a customer has paid too much and that you have to pay the amount back.

In the example below, we have to pay  4.000€ back to our customer Dammyt .

There are two reasons why your amount is negative :

  1. Missing bill : In the example, it may be that we have forgotten to send an invoice with the amount of 4.000€ (incl. VAT) adressed to Dammyt to our accountant. Therefore, if we send the bill, the total exigible will be 0€ (11.000 + 4.000 - 15.000 = 0€).

  2. Overpaid: In the exemple above, it could also be that our client  Dammyt has made a payement mistake. He has paid us 15.000€ instead of 11.000€. In that case, contact your client.

Tip : If you notice that an invoice is missing, don't hesitate to click on the envelope to send the invoice directly to your accountant.

How to ask a question to my accountant ?

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