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How to check my trade receivables?
How to check my trade receivables?
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It's possible to check easily which customer still owes you money. In addition to that, you can also determine since how long the invoice is due.

Go to Liquidity  -> Overview  

Left above, click on Debts

A new window containing a table opens :

The table represents a balance over time. This means that all the invoices of your customers are displayed and sorted by how long the invoice is due. 

Tip: Don't allow your invoices to go from one column to the other. There are two ways you can act to prevent that from happening :

  • Contact your clients so that they know they still owe you money.

  • Adapt your due date if you're certain that some clients will pay you at 6 months.

Visualize in detail

To visualize the detail of the debt of a client, click on the arrow to scroll the menu down

You'll notice that an accounting entry always contains an icon. The one with the euro means it's an invoice. The symbol with two arrows means in most of the cases that there's a payment.  However, it can also means it's a particular accounting entry (dans la majorité des cas à un paiement. Cependant, cela peut aussi correspondre à une écriture particulière du comptable (various operation).

On every entry, you can do different things :

Click on the enveloppe to ask a question to your accountant about the entry.

Click on the  magnifying glass to get more information about the entry.

Click on the PDF-file  to view the PDF of the invoice. The symbol will only appear if you send your invoices as a PDF to your accountant..


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