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The first steps on Skwarel
The first steps on Skwarel
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1. Send your first invoices

Don't wait anymore before sending your invoices to your accountant. The sooner he gets them, the more the data on Skwarel will be accurate.

2. View your profit and loss account

The best way to control your accounting information is by regulary visualising your profit and loss account. 

3. Process the messages from my accoutant 

Our messaging app makes it possible to discuss with your accountant about your accounting. When he sends you a message on the messaging app, you're notified by mail. To answer the mail you have to log in on the app and go to the mailbox. 

4. Look up an invoice 

Thanks to the search bar above up left on the app, you can easily look up and find all invoices sorted by client/providers. Piece of cake ! 

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